Are you or someone you know experiencing unusual, confusing or frightening incidents that you cannot logically explain?
Do you know of a location that has a reputation for being haunted?

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To request an investigation or advise us of  a possible haunted location.  Please include your name, contact information and description of your problem. One of our investigators will be in contact with you to set up a preliminary interview. 
Please understand that we do not claim to rid your home of your paranormal activities,
we will help you scientifically prove or disprove its existence. ...


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North Idaho Paranormal Squad 
(formerly known as CDA Paranormal Society)

  It is our goal to assist people who are experiencing activity they cannot logically explain. In order to validate their experience or find a reasonable explanation for the activity they have experienced, we provide an extensive investigation and research.  Our clients are treated with respect, compassion and understanding.  This is a non-profit group and we will never charge any fees for our help.

About Us:

   North Idaho Paranormal Squads approach to each investigation is scientific, using technology and analytic techniques.  Prior to determining activity as paranormal we look at the possibility of a natural cause, psychological cause or if the cause is man-made.  Once we have determined there is not a logical explanation  we deem the activity to be unexplained and possibly paranormal.  There are many situations that can appear to be paranormal yet have a plausible explanation.  That being said, we do believe there are incidents that simply cannot be explained logically.

Mission Statement:

  Our priority is to help people understand what they are experiencing and to help determine if their experience is indeed paranormal.  We believe it is important to maintain a high standard in our investigations, always protecting the integrity and confidentiality of our clients personal information. Each investigation is treated as a unique occurrence, with the benefit of our experience, knowledge and professionalism. 

  The paranormal is a growing science with no known experts in this field.  Only through the use of scientific research, multiple investigations, and continuing education can we gain the
knowledge and experience to understand these phenomena.  NIPS is dedicated to sharing any knowledge and experience we gain with all who are interested in this field, as well as studying the research of other groups.



What to Expect in an Investigation. . .

  There are many facets to an investigation.  North Idaho Paranormal Squads investigators will perform client and witness interviews, on site property inspection, research the history of the location being investigated,  photos, video and audio recordings. We will bring in a medium or psychic if we feel it is necessary and if our client agrees.

  After the investigation has been completed, every photograph, audio recording and video recording as well as all personal experiences are thoroughly reviewed and discussed.  All important data is compiled and the results are presented to the client in a professional and caring manner.  Please understand we do not claim to rid your home of ghosts!  Our intention is to provide clients with a better understanding of any discoveries made during the investigation. 


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